For those who want to get to know less explored northern Spain, who don’t like summer heat and prefer the northern coast’s beaches and green landscapes.

Spain – five cities in 6 months. ValenciaBarcelonaBasque CountryGaliciaMadrid.  22 weeks language course with accommodation for 6 months. For only 195€ a week, including both the course and accommodation.

March through April.

1. Valencia


Valencia – Spanish course 20 weeks a week – 4 weeks. Accommodation in a student apartment.

Also in Valencia: theatralized Easter week ”Semana Santa”, the magnificent fireworks Falles (las Fallas de Valencia) only in March, a visit to the City of Arts and Sciences with its unforgettable L’oceanogràfic, degustation of the genuine paella valenciana, the traditional drink horchata, trips on roller skates/inline skates/bicycles in the unique green park, situated in the former Turia river bed that goes through the whole city.

Relocation to Barcelona

2. Barcelona.


Barcelona – the Spanish course continues, 19 hours a week for weeks. Accommodation in a student apartment.

Also in Barcelona: the romantic festival San Jordi (the 23th April), Sagrada Familia, Ramblas, the beaches of Catalonia, the ancient Tarragona, the Pyrenees, the nightclubs in Barcelona, Halloween Barcelona-style, Barcelona FC.
Relocation to San Sebastian.

3. San Sebastian
May through June


San Sebastian – the language course continues, 10 hours a week for 7 weeks. Accommodation in a student apartment.

Also en SanSebasian: the famous royal beach la Concha, mount Igueldo, surfing, the famous Mundaka wave, trips to France, hikes in the national parks in the mountains, the unique Basque cuisine, the unique aquarium and much more.

Relocation to Santiago de Compostela (the course is on break here for one week).

4. Santiago de Compostela
July through August


Santiago de Compostela – is the capital of Galicia. The best time to visit Galicia is June and August. The Spanish course continues, 20 hours a week for 7 weeks. The course ends two weeks before the departure. Accommodation in a student apartment.

Also in Santiago de Compostela: the magnificent Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela – all the ways of St. James lead here, the green Galicia’s unique nature, the Atlantic ocean beaches, trips to Portugal, the unique trips on Renfe trains, the delicious cuisine and much more.

5. Madrid

Relocation to Madrid on a high-speed train.
Return home from Madrid.

The package includes: language courses in all the cities for 22 weeks, allocation in Valencia, Barcelona, San Sebastian and Santiago de Compostella and support in Spain during the whole duration of the package. As well as participation in the cities’ free fetes.

The most comfortable relocations between the cities will cost you about 130€.
You choose yourself tours and trips you want to make. We tell you about the alternatives and you choose according to your interests. We can help you to book accommodation in Madrid on your way back if you want to spend some time in the city.

The whole package price is 4885€ for the year 2017. The price is guaranteed when a deposit a 1000€ is paid before October 31th 2016. After this date the prices may fluctuate a little.


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